italian influenced restaurant & takeaway on the stunning flete estate just a few minutes walk from the sea

sunday brunch

weekend brunch & fresh coffee in an amazing setting

feast nights,
summer bbqs &
live music

from summer bbqs and live music, to full-on foodie feasts, we’ve got a calendar of special nights planned across the whole year – join us!

summer bbqs, feast nights & live music

from tapas and live music, to full-on foodie feasts, we’ve got a calendar of special nights planned across the whole year – join us!


autumn dining

Terms of booking a table at the Schoolhouse. During peak times we literally turn away thousands of wannabe diners and it breaks our hearts. We are only tiny and it really disappoints us if you do not show up for your table and it seriously effects our service if you are late. Therefore, we’ve had to introduce a few terms of booking…

Please remember, the lanes to us are tiny so please factor this into your visit. If you are more than 15 minutes late and you haven’t notified us by telephone prior to your booking, we will give your table away if we can. We try so hard to be a well-oiled machine! You only have a certain amount of time at your table and you’ll be notified when we need the table back. Please don’t be offended if you are reminded of your time limit when you arrive – the crew will do their best to max out your time with us.

Any bookings made by email must have a confirmation from one of the crew stating that you are booked in.

We take deposits for all tables. Our cancellation policy is one week’s notice. If you cancel your booking within a week, we reserve the right to keep your deposit.

Allergies… if we were psychic, we’d be on stage! Please tell the team of your allergies.

Corkage… you can BYO for £10.50 per 750ml bottle of wine, we don’t allow you to bring your own beers.

Please don’t bring all your worldly goods/beach gear/surf boards/prams and pushchairs/kitchen sinks…. we’ve only just got enough room to serve you. You are welcome to leave everything outside.

Dogs… we love them, but a bit of common sense would tell you not to bring 3 Irish Wolf Hounds with you, and any naughty dogs need to be told to behave.

Kids… we like the well-behaved variety. Grown ups, please do your best to keep kids entertained at the table and not running around the shack. We do have a few high chairs and if you require one we will do our best to ensure you get one, but this cannot be guaranteed.

opening hours


open everyday
10am – 5pm (food stops around 4pm)

saturday (serving food til late)
10am – late 

feast nights once a month

Saturday brunch

all that's great at the schoolhouse - exclusively yours

have our special venue all to yourselves 

Easter Celebration with Italian style feasting & live music

we love dogs!

perfect location for wild beach walks & steaming hot chocolates by the outside fire!

dog friendly dining – we welcome dogs
inside our dining room too!

follow our dedicated dog instagram @inhousedogsdevon